Cries for help
Everyone here has been so amazing and nice. I know everyone has told me to dump my boyfriend and I had him over yesterday, to talk to him. I told him that I had to break up with him and he was so mad he started yelling and screaming. He told me that I could never leave him. He started hitting and punching me over and over and then he kicked me to the ground. I'm now only at 83 pounds and so he picked me up and threw me down the stairs, and I just remember everything going black. I woke up in the hospital last night, with a major concusion. Im now home. But he was there when I first woke up. He said if i told anyone he would hurt me more. Im so so scared I dont know what to do. I think the doctors have some idea but I just said I fell down the stairs. I am so lost.

One moment

In one moment your whole world can change.
After the dew of the early morning rises meeting the sun.
While birds seem to talk to one another, then join in the chorus in a long forgotten song.
The song seems to tell a story of two lovers.
First shy and anxious then growing into the romance as if they had been life long friends.
They seem to be able to talk without words.
Then the birds end their songand fly off in the sky...
taking my soul with them because we were that song.

When we are little the world seems so new and beautiful! When we get older we realize how scary it can be but we still have others to hold us in their arms. What happens when you get old enough that the arms fall away and you fall with them? Your falling into the unknown. Free falling and there is no end to the fall. Now I'm scared that I will be alone in my fight to find what life is really about.

Recent events in my life have made me realize that life goes on much to quickly and that if we don't live it to our fullest it will pass us all by. We all have dreams but how many of us actually achieve them? Everyday we make decisions that could change our lives and we don't even know it. I guess what I am trying to say is:
LIVE: Live life to the fullest!
LOVE: Love with all that is in your heart!
LAUGH: And as much as possible

                                                            Don't forget to dance in the rain every once and awhile!


I only want you when I'm awake, and when I'm asleep. I day-dream of you and just plan dream of you. Do you dream of me?

What is there really to say?
At this point in time I'm not really sure what to say. I want to stand outside in the rain and scream until I'm hoarse. I'm sick of being who everyone else wants me to be and I just want to be myself! I want to be the girl who knows how to have fun. I want to be able to say how I feel, but when I'm around everyone I am hidden inside a shell. Of quite and calm. So here's this poem I wrote to show my feelings:
                                             I wanna scream at you and show you how I feel
                                             But you just leave me in this shell not caring how I feel
                                             I can't have thoughts of my own because you wont listen
                                             When you do listen, all I can tell you are lies not that you care
                                             I wanna dance and sing and be happy but you wont let me
                                             You tell me It doesn't matter, it will never matter...well not to you anyway
                                             But today is the day I am going to break out of my shell you built me and scream:
                                                                        I AM ME!



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